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Headrest for increased safety

Our new AMF Bruns Futuresafe 2.0 Headrest (including back rest) ensures transport is safer for wheelchair occupants and we are proud to be the first service in Australia to provide this headrest safety system. An easy-to-use device that simply swings around to lock into position directly behind the wheelchair occupant, providing protection and preventing injury in the event of a rear end collision.

Our experience

Our experience in wheelchair transport led us to realise there was a need to improve the safety for wheelchair occupants whilst travelling, by adding a head and back rest to the service.  After considerable research we found the most suitable option to be the crash tested AMF Bruns Futuresafe 2.0 Headrest.

Technical Data

Headrest and back support split, integrated telescopic lock for easy length adjustment, 180° swivelling
Height-adjustable; suitable for all common wheelchair types
Simple and safe operation via cable pull technology and push buttons
20 G front crash tested, integrated automatic shoulder belt
15 G rear crash tested according to Euro NCAP

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The feedback from our clients has been 100% positive, confirming its ease of use and quality design.  One comment was “that feels safe!”…which is exactly how our clients should feel when travelling in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Thank you to the wonderful team at AVA- Vehicle Access Solutions for installing our AMF Bruns Futuresafe 2.0 Headrest, improving the safety of wheelchair occupants.

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