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 Quality Wheelchair Transport service at a reasonable cost.

Our vision is to lead the transformation in the wheelchair transport service industry, whilst providing advocacy for wheelchair users and their families.

Unlike other wheelchair taxi services, we have made a commitment to provide a quality service at a reasonable cost. Edison Wheelchair Transport wants to make a difference. We offer a new, previously unavailable service. We ensure you reach your destination comfortably and on time. The services range from short trips to full day bookings, allowing you the freedom and opportunity to travel wherever and whenever you choose, with the option of traveling alone or with friends. Our knowledge in securing and transporting wheelchairs exceeds national standard practice and we pride ourselves on our reliability and punctuality.

Wheelchair Advocacy

Edison Wheelchair Transport acts as an advocate on behalf of wheelchair users, working towards improving wheelchair accessibility by lobbying councils and Government to improve wheelchair accessibility and inclusion for all.

The Federal Disability Discrimination Act provides protection for EVERYONE in Australia against discrimination based on disability.

Our goal is full and complete inclusion for all wheelchair users, removing all physical and psychological barriers.





Our advocacy work includes advising councils, private premises, shopping centres and organisations of deficient wheelchair accessibility.  From previous experience we have found that once informed, engineering departments within councils are especially helpful in assisting with changes to improve wheelchair accessibility.

wheelchair access ramps in parking bays

Edison Wheelchair Transport is an independent service provider.

Edison Wheelchair Transport comply and operate in accordance with the 8 Aged Care Quality Standards.